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Life comes full circle.

Zoopitee owner, Susan Waibel, grew up weaving crowns from dandelions and clover, picking handfuls of colorful flowers for enjoyment and decoration. That love of a natural yard expanded when, in raising her own children, she learned the true power of all those "weedy" plants that others eschew. She harnessed the power of dandelion and plantain for bug bites, tummy aches, and beyond.

Years later, she founded a fledgling Facebook group with the idea that natural and diverse yards should be celebrated. She feels neighbors are best suited to educate each other on natural care methods, to inspire each other to grow more native plants, edibles, and medicinals, and to share the courage to let the "green carpet" fill in a little with some clover and dandelions etc.

As a way to support those efforts, she started Zoopitee. The mission is to celebrate and even create a market for the bounties of natural and diverse yards. Would-be weeds like dandelion, plantain, and purslane are infused into local unrefined sunflower oil or organic coconut oil to create nurturing body care products. Each Zoopitee sale directly supports advocacy for natural and diverse yards. Now that is truly dandy!

Zoopitee offers handcrafted herb-infused personal care products in reusable packaging. We are a zero-waste focused business. We avoid plastic and love to reuse and upcycle!

Images provided by: Susan Waibel