Stop Pit Natural Deodorant


Stop Pit Natural Deodorant


This natural deodorant works! Many natural deodorants rely solely on baking soda, but too much can be irritating to the skin. This formulation balances the use of baking soda with other stink-fighting powerhouses like dandelion, plantain, and bentonite clay. Organic unrefined butters and oils are combined to nourish and soothe underarms. This results in a creamy texture that is not crumbly from the overuse of baking soda or stiff waxes. The lovely balanced scents are pleasant but do not overpower.

Natural Scent:
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I use organic or wildcrafted ingredients and use eco-friendly containers like glass jars with metal lids or stainless steel tins. If you see any plastic or bubble wrap in the shipping of your order, please know it is reused (and reusable!); I do not purchase plastic. I am committed to running as zero-waste operation as possible from where I source ingredients to how I package them to behind-the-scenes business practices.


Apply a half pea to a pea sized amount under each armpit. Rub in thoroughly over entire armpit area. Wait a minute or two before dressing.


baking soda (no aluminum added) NO BAKING SODA IN BARE NAKED VARIETY
organic virgin coconut oil infused with plantain
organic arrowroot starch
non-nano zinc oxide
organic raw shea butter
organic unrefined sunflower oil infused with dandelion
100% pure bentonite clay
organic beeswax
organic essential oil (tea tree and see below) NO ESSENTIAL OIL IN BARE NAKED VARIETY
organic jojoba oil (bees’ bloom)


Bees’ Bloom - lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine

Twisted Citrus - lemon, grapefruit, orange, rosemary, thyme

Centered Soul - frankincense, myrrh, cedar

Bare Naked - no essential oil, no baking soda